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Summer Spin!

Come out and join the Oasis Winterguard team for a summer of fun out of the heat! Summer Spin! is all about learning new skills, making new friends, and getting better! Each event will focus on a different aspect of our activity and will feature both an Int/Adv class and a Beginner class. The events are open to ALL AGES and skillsets and will be structured to ensure everyone gets better, every single time.​

Beginner to Advanced

​This event is open to all ages and all skill levels! We pride ourselves in offering the best value possible to all participants. Each session will include top notch clinicians for both the int/adv class AND the beginner class. Participants have the option to select the level of class they would like to attend. Young doesn’t mean beginner and old doesn’t mean advanced! We encourage everyone who wants to learn to attend!

No events at the moment

2023 Edition

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